The four stages key ingredients that build a personal recovery program:

1) Prepare for a personal marathon. You have solved many other problems in your life. With enough effort, you can handle it. The first big event is 90 days, followed by one year. You do not need to be perfect or replenish the clock every time you get injured. You just need to stay focused. The only way to lose this fight is to stop. So do not stop.

2) Explain if you only need to work with an addiction problem, or if you also need to solve other problems in life. You do not have to solve all this at a time. However, you may need more resources and help. Do not allow it to diminish you.

3) Make a plan start. Soon for the master plan. Identify some small and easy steps. Take time each day to meditate on your causes to make this change. Consider your progress or lack thereof. Problem-solving, and determine what you will do next. It does not matter if your plan is a complete cessation, cutting a lot, cutting a little, or even checking the situation, identifying your personal goals and making daily action in the direction. For the standards of establishing your personal goals, a good place to start here. Every day, find out what you are doing. Review your plan as you go. Be careful not to stop yourself from doing so much at a time.

4) Continue recording. Remember that risky drinking involves how much and what is common If you plan to moderate, write down how much and what is common, or record beneficial fats if you want to avoid. You can find out the number of days you did, the time you spent on your children, or the lower kind of kindness. There is something really meaningful to support its healing and its testing. Then record it. A calendar dedicated to this goal is a place to maintain the record. It will continue for at least 90 days.

5) Expect that the time to move is often the most difficult. It’s easier to remember that it’s over. For most of us, the switch is 90 days. At present, desire and anger can be great. Use your calendar as a visual motorcycle. It comes daily as you approach the 90-day mark.

6) Think about the reasons why you made this change again. Exercise is a health center. Keep on the inspiration by remembering why you made this change. Better yet, write why and review it daily in your daily thoughts